• June 11, 2014

Did you know WorkCover provides a range of advisory services to assist and support small businesses including:

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In addition, there are a range of incentives and discounts for you to help with your workers compensation premiums.

Employer safety incentive discount

Small employers will receive a 10 per cent Employer safety incentive discount at commencement of the policy period. Provided the employer has no workplace injury claims during the period of insurance or, where there are claims, those injured workers return to suitable work within four weeks of the date of injury, the employer will retain the discount at the hindsight premium calculation.

Return to work incentive discount

10 per cent Return to work incentive will be applied to the hindsight premium if workers injured during the policy period who do not return to suitable work within four weeks of the date of injury, but return to suitable work within 13 weeks of the date of injury.

Discount for premiums paid in full in advance

Small employers are entitled to receive a five per cent discount if they pay their premium in full in advance, on or before the due date and in accordance with all other conditions listed in clause 4 of the Insurance Premiums Order.

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