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Risk Management For Insolvency Practitioners

Occupational Health Professionals Pty Ltd have a reputation for excellent skills in being able to offer practical solutions to insolvency practitioners when it comes to trade on, administration and liquidations.

Our professional consultants have unsurpassed knowledge in being able to provide support to practitioners so that they can concentrate on their core business.

Our Approach

We work with you to provide:

  • Assessment of risks in the workplace
  • Information on operational risks
  • Provide recommendations on commercial issues
  • Provide information so that your staff can effectively manage businesses safely
  • Specialist services to address evolving risks for insolvency practitioners due to pressures of Administration or Liquidation

Effectively Dealing With Issues

Working within our clients brief, the business solutions team can immediately take control of the day to day operations of the businesses. Whilst maintaining daily operations and cash flow we can quickly assess and restructure the business to improve short term profitability until a longer term solution is agreed to. This is particularly important when trusted operational or management staff are required.

We aim to work with you to ensure your forecast for profit and loss analysis of the business is undertaken with the aim of improving sales and cash flow through developing and implementing a steady business as usual operations. Cost containment is then implemented with a review of wages, productivity levels, business margins and detailed expenses review.

Human resources restructuring can also be managed by the business solutions team and we can also assist with the sales process through our business broker contacts.

Effectively Dealing With Issues

We recognize that insolvency practitioners require urgent information which requires tight turn around times. Our system and people are trained to cater to those needs.

Whether you are a Receiver and Manager, Administrator or Liquidator, you can be assured that we can provide expertise to manage your operations in the workplace.