• June 11, 2014

As of the 1st of January 2014 the new harmonised Work Place Health and Safety Act of 2011 is in full effect.

Under the Act a person conducting a business or undertaking must provide hearing assessments for any worker who is frequently required to use personal hearing protection to protect the worker from hearing loss associated with noise that exceeds the exposure standards.

A baseline hearing assessment must now be conducted within 3 months of an employee commencing work and monitoring tests are required every 2 years thereafter. High risk groups require more regular monitoring.

The maximum penalties set down in the act for failure to comply with the requirements for audiometric testing are $6,600 for individuals and $33,000 for corporations.

Safe Work Australia have developed a model Code of Practice on how noise affects hearing, how to identify and assess exposure to noise and how to control health and safety risks arising from hazardous noise.

Other resources

  • The National Work Health & Safety Act
  • State and Territory Occupational Health & Mining Regulations
  • Australian Standard for Occupational Audiometry (AS/NZS1269 Part 4)