Implementation during COVID-19 response:

In 2021, the COVID-19 situation in Australia continues to evolve.For this reason, the health and safety of your employees remains our highest priority. Occupational Health Professionals (OHP) has implemented additional precautions to assist in keeping your employees safe. Our COVID safe program includes but not limited too additional hygiene, cleaning and PPE measures. OHP obtains regular updates and seeks advice from both the Australian Government Department of Health and state and territory health departments about implementing an Immunisation program during a COVID-19 pandemic. The advice from health departments is now more than ever, to maintain high vaccination coverage levels to prevent outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases in the community. It is therefore essential that immunisation services continue, in particular for:

  • Winter Influenza Vaccination Program

Our program accepts the recommendations and advice provided by the applicable state and territory health department, therefore our program will be enhanced to reduce the risk of transmission to your staff attending vaccination clinics. We require co-ordination of each workplace to ensure your employees follow our recommendations. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the adoption of new ways of working including the delivery of our Immunisation Programs. Hence, we are promoting our offsite program as the preferred method of delivery in 2021. Please review the enclosed Influenza Program 2021; Implementation during COVID–19 response.

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