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Workplace Vaccinations

OHP offers a range of on-site workplace vaccinations including influenza (“flu”), hepatitis A and B, tetanus/diphtheria/whooping cough and others as required by specific industries. These vaccinations can reduce costs associated with absenteeism and improve productivity throughout the year.

Features of our vaccination services include:

  • A comprehensive and convenient on-site vaccination service provided at your workplace at a date and time convenient to you
  • Qualified and authorised nurses to administer vaccinations
  • Pricing flexibility
  • Assistance in promoting your vaccination campaign in the workplace to maximise participation rates and awareness

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Further Information

OHP understands your time is limited and has proven methods to provide your workplace with convenience and flexibility.

For medium to large organizations, we have a comprehensive and secure online booking system that allows individuals to have the flexibility of scheduling their own vaccinations. The system is flexible across multiple sites and time zones.

For small to medium size companies OHP offers a dedicated customer service team to assist in planning and organising your onsite vaccination clinic with minimal impact to your operations.

Contact OHP for more information about how we can assist in improving the incidence of absenteeism at your workplace.