Long-term exposure to excessive noise in the workplace will cause permanent damage. The noise-induced hearing loss remains the most compensated work-related disability in Australia. OHP has audiometrists available to work with employers to offer a full suite of testing, monitoring and hearing conservation programs to reduce risks.
On Site Services
Hearing Conservation Programs – A hearing conservation program will ordinarily commence with a noise survey, but may also be performed independently. This on-site service can comprise of Baseline hearing tests, Full hearing tests if indicated by the baseline test results, Annual monitoring tests and Educational sessions incorporating hearing protection advice.
Workplace Vaccinations
OHP offers a range of on-site workplace vaccinations including influenza (“flu”), hepatitis A and B, tetanus/diphtheria/whooping cough and others as required by specific industries. These vaccinations can reduce costs associated with absenteeism and improve productivity throughout the year.
Mobile Health Checks
Investing in the health of your workforce makes good business sense. People are the most valuable asset in any company and employers are increasingly realizing that working to achieve a healthy and happy workforce is just as important as investing in maintaining buildings and equipment.