Occupational Hygiene
Occupational Hygiene is the science and discipline surrounding the workers health and wellbeing, including the environmental impact to the community at large, of processes undertaken by a worker.
Workplace Compliance
All employers are obliged to implement statutory obligations with concerned to managing workplace risks in their workplace. OHP has a team of experienced consultants with expertise in a diverse range of industries.
Workplace Design And Ergonomics
Ergonomics is the study of how a workplace, the equipment used there and the work environment itself can best be designed for comfort, efficiency, safety and productivity. Often we can improve our levels of comfort and productivity with relatively simple changes.
WHS Auditing Solutions
Many organisations require a WHSMS Audit when they need to provide assurance to businesses they are proposing to do work with/tender for work. Others have their WHS Management System audited as a best practice measure.